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Wig Services

At Robert Laurence Hair Studios, we realize the difficulty dealing with hair loss and make up challenges. As caring professionals, we can help by offering:

  • A comfortable private setting.
  • First time complimentary interactive consultation.
  • Choice of natural or synthetic hair.
  • Resources for ordering wig styles and colors.
  • Custom hand-tied highlights, lowlights and professional cut that best resembles your own hair.
  • Wig alterations to assure the most comfortable fit.
  • Instruction on wig maintenance.
  • Supplies for home wig care.
  • Cleaning and maintenance services.


Insurance may cover the cost of the wig. We will supply you with a receipt for your insurance submission. Please bring a photograph of your hair style so we can closely match the wig and desired style. Feel free to bring a family member or friend.

Cosmetic Challenges

Cosmetic challenges can be a side effect of chemotherapy and radiation therapy. To help, we offer:

  • Cosmetic consultations.
  • Makeup lessons.
  • Cosmetic solutions for eyelash and brow loss.

Massage & Stress Relief

We offer massage therapy and stress relieving facials to help comfort and heal. Our licensed massage therapist and esthetician offer professional services in a private setting.

Kevin McElroy Co-proprietor, Robert Laurence Hair Studio

Kevin McElroy
Co-proprietor, Robert Laurence Hair Studio

"Since 1998, I have made custom wigs for cancer patients. The finished product has provided comfort, a sense of control and an elevation in self-esteem to these clients. Each wig is carefully shaped and fitted to their specific needs. Highlighting, lowlighting, and even gray strands of hair are hand-tied into the wig, helping to achieve a natural look."

"I developed my wigmaking skills serving as Wigmaster for the Milwaukee Repertory Theater since 1990. My artistry and attention to detail make my service unique."

Please call for an appointment today. The results extend far beyond the wig.